About Dispute Consultation Clinic (DCC)  纠纷咨服务 
open to all SCAL member companies and the public

The construction industry is known for its complexity and the potential for disputes to arise during project lifecycles. Recognizing the need for effective conflict resolution mechanisms, SCAL is pleased to launch the Dispute Consultation Clinic (DCC) as a platform to assist construction companies in navigating and resolving construction-related disputes.

The Dispute Consultation Clinic is set to become a vital resource for companies seeking efficient and cost-effective resolution strategies and help navigate construction disputes and foster positive working relationships. With the launch of this clinic, we envision a future where disputes are resolved swiftly, enabling companies to focus on their core operations and drive sustainable growth in the industry.

The Clinic will provide consultations in relation to disputes arising out of building and construction projects and allow companies to make an informed decision on how you can proceed with the next steps. 


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Key Features 主要特点

Expert Consultants
Each DCC is facilitated by two (2) highly skilled and experienced construction consultant (1 lawyer and 1 practitioner) who possess in-depth knowledge of the industry and a proven track record in dispute resolution.

Alternative Solutions
Our consultants will work with the parties involved to understand the specific circumstances and intricacies of the dispute. By employing a collaborative approach, they will assist member in finding acceptable alternative options.

我们的咨询顾问将了解争议的具体情况和复杂性, 并通过采取协作的方法,协助会员寻找到可行的备择方案以共参考。
Time and Cost Efficiency
Construction disputes can be protracted and costly, impacting project timelines and budgets. The DCC aims to expedite the resolution process, reducing the time and expenses associated with litigation or arbitration.

Preserve Business Relationships
The DCC places significant emphasis on maintaining positive business relationships among the parties involved. Through open communication and a focus on finding acceptable options, our consultant help foster amicable resolutions that preserve long-term partnerships and collaborations.

Confidentiality and Impartiality
The DCC adheres to strict confidentiality standards, ensuring that all discussions and information shared during the consultation process remain private and confidential. Our consultants approach each case with impartiality, ensuring fairness and promoting a neutral environment conducive to productive discussions.



How to Book 注册过程

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Show Up 预约日
Two sessions every month (alternate Fridays)

Fill out the online booking form with the necessary details, including a brief description of the dispute.

Fees: $500* for SCAL member companies** / $600* for non-SCAL member companies. Our team will review your request and contact you to schedule the session at either of the DCC dates.

费用:$500* SCAL 会员 / $600 非会员。我们的团队将审查您的请求,并与您联系,安排纠纷咨询服务的日期进行商议。

*Excluding GST 不包括GST
** Please visit the SCAL member directory here to find out if you are SCAL member company. 
Session will be  facilitated by 2 consultants (1 lawyer and 1 practitioner). 1.5 hour per session.


Booking are Now Open! 即日开始接受预约!  

For further inquiries or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact SCAL DCC team at 6278 9577 or email louise@scal.com.sg. 

如需进一步询问或帮助,请随时联系SCAL纠纷咨询服务,电邮 louise@scal.com.sg 或拨打电话6278 9577 。


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