About Yong Eng Wah

Mr Yong Eng Wah, Partner, Resolvers Pte Ltd

Mr Yong is trained in engineering, business, and in law.  For the past 30 over years, Mr Yong is involved in the construction and engineering industries, handling offshore projects, oil and gas, infrastructure, and buildings projects, just to name a few.  After having involved in a few legal battles, Mr Yong felt strongly that there must be better ways for solving disputes in the industries.  Since 2004, Mr Yong has been actively involved in alternative dispute resolutions for the engineering and construction industries. Thus far, Mr Yong has handled hundreds of disputes.  Mr. Yong is a level 4 SIMI mediator, SMC principal mediator, IMI mediator, and has many other ADR qualifications. 
Meet the speaker: 

Mr Yong will be speaking on 2 December, Thursday on the topic "The best outcomes from a worst situation" from 10.30am to 11am.

He is also the consultant for one of the closed door consultation session on 2 December, 11am to 12pm.