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SCAL Events 11-Jan-2023 - 11-Jan-2023

Concrete—mixing it, batching it, curing it, pouring it—is at the heart of every construction project and every contractor’s work. As the second most used substance on the planet after water, concrete is ancient but is also constantly changing.
As prefabricated modular construction, sustainable building, and global supply chain rearrangements emerge as key challenges and opportunities for concrete use in construction, it’s important to understand what the future holds for something as old as concrete.
Join the complimentary webinar “Future of Concrete” to hear from the speakers as they will be discussing the future of concrete - smarter, more sustainable and more productive. 


Webinar Programme / Meet the Speakers

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Time Agenda
2pm Lightweight Green Aggregates (LiGrA) for Green Building and Sustainability

Recycling waste in concrete is the ideal approach to go green and sustainable.  This is because the large volume of concrete used provides ample space for recycling waste.  Currently, waste such as pulverized fly ash from coal burning power plant and ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs) from steel manufacturing has been successfully used to partially replace cement. But little has been done to replace the aggregates. 

In this presentation, lightweight green aggregate (LWGA), produced from various inorganic waste, is proposed to replace the 100% of the natural aggregate in concrete.  Sintering has also proven to effectively encapsulate toxicity found in some wastes.  Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven that LWGAC is superior to normal weight concrete in durability, performance, and other aspects.

With today’s advanced concrete technology, high strength and self-compacting LWGACs are also possible to be produced to replace normal weight concrete and reap the benefits.

Presented by:
Dr. Tamilselvan Thangayah
R&D Director, Joe Green Pte Ltd

2.20pm Sustainable and Low-carbon Concrete for the Built Environment

Samwoh is a leading integrated civil and infrastructure company in Singapore with over 45 years of history. Innovation and sustainability are the key ethos of the company. Over the past decades, we have conducted extensive studies on the recycling of various waste materials into construction materials as well as green technologies for the construction industry. One of the key research areas is to develop a new generation of concrete mixes that is sustainable and low in carbon emissions. This presentation highlights a few types of green concrete mixes and technologies that Samwoh has developed together with various stakeholders including government agencies and tertiary institutions.

Presented by:
Dr. Kelvin Lee Yang Pin

Head of Group Technical / Head of Sustainability & Innovation Department, Samwoh Innovation Centre Pte. Ltd.

About the speaker:
Dr. Lee spearheads the research and innovation in Samwoh Group of Companies and has been involving in many consultancy and research projects for almost 20 years. He has led numerous research studies on the recycling of waste materials such as construction and demolition waste, asphalt waste, scrap tires, incineration ash, plastic waste and excavated rocks from the Jurong Rock Caverns. Through these projects, many recycled materials have been accepted by various authorities for road, aircraft pavement and building construction. He speaks regularly at international conferences and has published many technical papers to share the green technologies. Over the years, he has received several green accolades in recognition of his contribution towards sustainable development and innovation such as the IES-SG50 Top 50 Engineering Feats Award in 2016, IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2015 and the BCA-SGBC Young Green Building Individual Award 2013.

2.40pm Improve casting productivity with real-time monitoring of concrete strength

The process of concrete curing needs time for the concrete to reach its target strength. The current compressive testing is time consuming and not completely accurate during the early ages, therefore may become a major bottleneck for project timeline and resource planning. 
ConcreteAI’s solution leverages on the maturity method (ASTM and BSEN standard based) to concrete curing condition and is a quick indicator of the in-situ strength. The real-time monitoring solution could help project cut down 20-30% of waiting time for every casting and reduce the need to conduct extra early age cube test. 

Presented by:
Ms Chang Qingyang

ConcreteAI, Co-founder & CEO

About the speaker:
Qingyang is the co-founder and CEO of ConcreteAI. She was previously an engineer with the main contractor. There, she gained a deeper understanding of construction planning and coordination. She is passionate to contribute to the digital transformation of the built environment. She has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore.

3.00PM Q&A
3.30PM End


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