About the Programme


SCAL is pleased to announce the launch of the pilot job matching programme endorsed by the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) which aims to support employers in the recruitment of suitable workers with the relevant trade skills and experience that matches their requirements via a cross-matching online platform of SCAL Construction Manpower Exchange (SCMX).  This will reduce the occurrence of incompatibility of the trade skillsets of the workers, meet employers’ deployment needs and possibly any unnecessary repatriation of the worker by the employers. This pilot programme is in partnership with Skills Certification Centre (SCC) Progressive Builders Pte Ltd*.

The programme also aims to play a part in assisting workers reduce their migration costs (when they choose to work in Singapore) through facilitation by only approved agents in SCMX for direct job matching of relevant skills and competencies.

*Progressive Builders Pte Ltd’s local Bangladesh partner is Progressive Dhaka Technology Ltd.

How the Programme Works


Registration  Interested employers can register to participate in job matching programme via the link here.
Matching of workers with prospective employers
  • Upon registration, SCMX will search through the databank to job-match suitable workers based on the criteria provided.
  • Biodatas of workers that best match and/or closest to the requirements will be provided to the employers.
  • Employers will have 3 working days to indicate if they are keen for online interviews to be arranged within 1 week of the notification of shortlisted workers.

Acceptance of offer and signing of agreement / Payment of admin fee

Upon agreement by both employer and worker on the terms and conditions of employment offered, an agreement will be signed by both parties committing to the offer, followed by payment of $130 per worker (before prevailing GST) to be paid by employer to SCMX to cover administrative costs.

Workers to proceed for training (where applicable)

Workers will undergo training in respective training centres of their choice (where applicable) and go for SEC(K) test at the skills certification centre(s) at the source country when the workers are ready to take the test.

Schedule for testing at Skills Certification Centre (SCC)

Upon passing the SEC(K) test administered by BCA, the necessary paperwork for the workers’ deployment to Singapore can then be arranged.
Paperwork by Employer in Singapore
  • Employer will be notified accordingly to prepare the submission of paperwork at the Singapore’s end for the facilitation of workers to repost to work in Singapore. At the same time, the skills testing fees of $925 (before prevailing GST) should have been made at the skills certification centre in Singapore by the employer or the employer’s nominated MOM approved employment agency.
  • For issuance of IPA, employers will need to provide the addresses of the workers for approval by MOM as per current guidelines. Once approval is obtained, the date of departure can arranged accordingly.
  • The employer is required to upload a copy of the signed employment letter by the worker in SCMX to finalise the process.

To note:- 

  • The average training period at respective training centres, if needed,  may take between 2-3 months, depending on the skilled trades and the experience of the workers.
  • If the workers have previous work experience and are skillful, the training time is likely to be shortened.

How to Register / Enquiries

Click on the 'Register' button or link HERE to apply. For enquiries, you may contact SCAL at (65) 6661-9392 or email to helen@scal.com.sg.