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The future of Singaporean construction will be progressive, productive, and professional. New trends in construction technology and sustainability will make construction management more demanding and complex.

Curated by SCAL, the CPAS Speaker Series brings together some of the leading voices and minds in the industry today to discuss key ideas, issues, challenges, and solutions faced by contractors today - from resolving problems, technicial proficiency, and promoting safety to engaging stakeholders, adopting new technologies, and mitigating contract risks.

The series will cover these important discussions by focusing on the seven competencies of the CPAS assessment framework: Project Execution, Technicial Proficiency, EHS Management, Problem Resolution, Contractual Management, People Management, and Stakeholder Engagement 

About CPAS:
The Construction Professional Accreditation Scheme (CPAS), developed by SCAL, is the first and only accreditation in Singapore that sets and recognises the highest professional standards for a better, more sustainable Singaporean construction future: from managing safety and the environment to managing people and technology to solve tough new construction challenges. Find out more > 

Problem Resolution

Primary Causes of Disputes & Problems in Infrastructure Projects

🗒 11 April 2023 (Tuesday), 4pm to 5pm
🗨 Andrei Soltan, Principal & Country Manager, HKA

In this informative presentation, Andrei will share unique and valuable findings  based on an integrated research programme, CRUX, which can help participants understand the underlying causes of disputes and avoid them in your projects. In addition, the presentation will cover how a delay expert analyses a project and what data is most relevant for the delay analysis.  He will discuss the different methods and techniques used to analyse delays and how to identify the critical path of a project. Our expert speaker will also share best practices for documenting delays and ensuring the delay analysis is accurate and defensible.

Execution Managing Sites & Projects for Safety, Security, and Sustainability: CPAS Best Practices for Effective EHS Management

 14 April 2023 (Friday), 2pm to 3pm
🗨 Allan Low, Deputy QEHS Director, Teambuild Engineering & Construction

Contractual Management

Detecting and Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Construction Contracting

🗒 14 April 2023 (Fri), 4pm to 5pm
🗨 Monica Neo, Senior Partner, Chan Neo LLP


Effective Project Management by adopting CPAS’s Seven Framework in Construction Execution

🗒 18 April 2023 (Tuesday), 4pm to 5pm
🗨 Benjamin Lee, Project Director, Teambuild Engineering & Construction

Proper Planning and knowledge necessary for project manager to execute a construction project well. Adopting better management techniques and leverage on technology for better work coordination at construction site. Formulate into your own style for both project and people management for effective project execution.
Stakeholder Management

Bench Marking Project Managers to Handle Projects

🗒 3 May 2023 (Wed), 2pm to 3pm
🗨 Jacob Wong, Executive Director, Kwan Yong Construction
Technical Proficiency

Why Technical Competence Makes or Breaks Project Success

🗒 1 June 2023 (Thursday), 4pm to 5pm
🗨 Mr Teo Tiong Yong, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Construction Division, Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd

Technical competence and proficiency is the backbone of every project manager's work and efforts. Being able to correctly use the right information and right training at the right time and in the right context is vital for solving problems, planning projects, and directing personnel and resources for success. In this session, our speaker will walk through the importance of technical proficiency based on CPAS best practices, how PMs can cultivate proficiency, and how technical proficiency is a combination of both book smarts and street smarts

People Management

Managing People is Managing Projects: The Importance of Morale, Team Spirit, and Teamwork

🗒 26 May 2023 (Friday), 4pm to 5pm
🗨 Kenneth Siew, Executive Director, Expand Construction Pte Ltd

Three things drive every project: men, machines, and materials. While new technologies and innovations drive improvements in machines and materials, managing people remains an old-fashioned and person-to-person, heart-to-heart process. In this session, our speaker will walk through CPAS best practices to improve team bonding, combat team fatigue and demoralisation, and put people in the middle of project management.
Only 100 slots available per session. We welcome members and non-members from the Construction industry to sign up to attend the webinars. 


Who should attend: Open to SCAL and non-SCAL members, the CPAS speaker series targets at construction professionals performing the roles and duties of a project director, manager, engineer or equivalent. 
Registration is complimentary, available on a first-come-first-served basis. Get your online seat today. 

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