1.1    Functions of the Registry
The SLOTS Registry is administered by the Singapore Contractors Association Ltd to serve the procurement needs of government departments, statutory bodies, public and private sector organisations.
1.2    Scope of Registration
There are three registration work-heads, namely Architectural & Finishing Works, Civil & Structural Works and Mechanical & Electrical Works. There are 14 for Architectural and Finishing Works, 12 registration trades for Civil & Structural Works and 7 for the Mechanical & Electrical Works.
With effect from 1 September 2022, all new SLOTS applications will be done via ONLINE. SCAL will not accept any application via EMAIL and/or hardcopy submission. It is the applicants' responsibility to ensure completeness of the submissions.  Incomplete submissions will be rejected.  

In the course of processing the applications, reference will be obtained from the applicant's bankers and the clients/professional consultants who supervised the works of the applicant.  It is implied that the applicant has authorised SCAL to make all necessary enquiries relating to the applicant.  Should the bankers or professional consultants impose any service charge on the enquiry, it shall be borne by the applicants.
Under normal circumstances, if the submissions are complete and in order, the applicants will be informed of the outcome within 2 weeks or more for Conditional Approval.
Upon Conditional Approval of the application, the Applicant shall proceed to register with SC2 Pte Ltd for SgMA* (Safety & Green Management System Training & Assessment) of applicant’s organization and pay the required fee accordingly. This registration with SC2 requires the submission of the prescribed SC2 Request Form to be made within two (2) week upon Conditional Approval, failure to comply would render the Conditional Approval void.

Implementation of SgMA Scheme
    Stage 1    Training    (Applicable to all new registration for SLOTS Certificate)
            To attend a 2-days Workshop whereby each participant’s SgMA 
            System should be drafted and ready to implement in their companies.
    Stage 2    Assessment Audit (Applicable for SLOTS Renewal)
            Site Audit (Document check, physical check & interview)
    Stage 3    Maintenance Audit – Annually (Applicable for SLOTS Renewal)
            Annual Audit and Rectify any Nonconformity

*Note: For SgMA waiver, please submit: 
(i)    ISO 45001 (SAC) or Bizsafe Star ;and

(i)    ISO 14001 or Green Policy ; and

(ii)    Appointment letter for SGSecure Representative


6a    Fee Payable

All applications shall be accompanied by payment for the appropriate processing fee as stated in the fee structure.  The fee structure is as follows:

i    Application Fee :    $109 (inclusive 9% GST)

Payment can be made by the following options:
  • Transfer via PayNow Corporate to The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, using the PayNow QR code available at our website https://www.scal.com.sg/membership/online-payment
  • Transfer via FAST or normal bank transfer to The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, OCBC bank account number 524-023173-001
Application fee paid is not refundable. Companies/ Individuals are encouraged to make digital payments and avoid using cheque for payments.

6b    Company Status
  • All firms have to be registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).  The ACRA printouts for local firms shall be included in the application.
  • Company status must have one of its principal activities in building construction or related activities
  • Date of registration of the company or business should correspond to the work experiences declared.
  • There should be a minimum $50,000 paid-up capital for all firms.

6c    Personnel Resources

Applicants should satisfy SCAL that they have the necessary full-time personnel resources stationed in Singapore to undertake the work corresponding to the registration head applied for.  The minimum personnel requirements are laid out in Appendix A & Appendix B.  

6d    Financial Capacity

Applicants should satisfy SCAL that they have sufficient financial resources to meet the financial commitments. All applicants are required to submit a copy of their latest audited financial statement/ other suitable accounting documents that will clearly certify the financial position of the applicant for the preceding one year. 

6e    Track Record and Performance

The Registration Work-Heads are listed in the application form.  Applicants are expected generally to have executed engineering or construction works similar to those Heads, which they wish to be registered.

Subcontracts awarded directly by another contractor may be considered provided the scope and value of projects are clearly described and accompanied with the necessary contractual documents.  However, the contract value of subcontract work may not be taken at face value.  This will depend on the extent of involvement of the applicant in a particular project.

In addition to the requirements, applicants are expected to have a consistently good performance record. Those with poor performance history may be refused registration.  


Payment for Registration Fees shall be required upon approval of Application. Payment for Renewal of Registration Fees shall be paid upon application submitted to SCAL. The fee structure is as follows:

Registration Fee 
Registration Fee Payable PER CATEGORY (REGISTRATION HEAD), shall be as follows:
For first TWO trades registered              $381.50 (inclusive 9% GST)
Per trade for each additional trade          $54.50 (inclusive 9% GST)   
Please refer to full list of registration head via link here.  

Payment can be made by the following options listed in the website here.

Registration status shall be accorded only to firms which SCAL considers as having sufficient resources, experience and technical expertise to undertake contracts of a nature and size as defined by the Registration Work-Head and the trade allocated.  The requirements stipulated, as set forth shall be taken as defining only the minimum requirements expected of an applicant.
SCAL reserves the right to review the registration status of the registered firms from time to time. SCAL shall de-register the firms from SLOTS registry if the firms fail to fulfill the registration requisites. SCAL is not bound to accept any application notwithstanding that the applicant may have complied with the minimum requirements as set forth in this brochure.  Furthermore, the applicant is also deemed to accept that SCAL is not bound to assign any reasons for rejecting applications or de-registering a firm from the SLOTS register.

A SLOTS registered contractor is required to advise SCAL immediately for any changes in its management status, address or any other pertinent particulars, which may occur from time to time.  It should be noted that registration status is accorded to the firm on the basis of the firm's particulars at the time of application and SCAL reserves the right to revoke or modify the registration status in the event of any development or change in the firm's particulars which, in the opinion of SCAL, renders the firm unsuitable to be accorded the current registration status.  Notification of change of firm's particulars should be in writing and accompanied by copies of the supporting documents (e.g. the certificate of the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) and addressed to the Executive Director.  In addition, SCAL may periodically require registered firms to furnish pertinent particulars to the Board for the purpose of assessing the eligibility of their continued registration with SCAL register.

The validity of any registration is for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of approval of registration. Registration will thereafter lapse automatically unless a renewal is filed and approved by SCAL.

Renewals shall be made one month before the expiry of the validity period.  Notification for renewals will be sent by SCAL to all registered contractors three months before the certificate expiry date.
It is mandatory for application of renewal of registration to include the following completed documents.
  1. SLOTS Renewal Application Form - Existing SLOTS companies will receive a reminder from SCAL three months before the certificate expiry date.
  2. Latest ACRA - Biz profile (Printed within the last 3 months) with a minimum paid-up capital of $50,000. 
  3. A statement from different main contractors testifying to the firm's satisfactory conduct by the completion of the Form A here.
    • The statement would require completed projects, Letter of Award and/or Purchase order related to the projects mentioned. 
    • The minimum project value per year should exceed $100,000.
  4. Safety & Green Management Assessment (SgMA) Audit Certificate (Photocopy)

    Note: For SgMA waiver, please submit:
    (i)  ISO 45001 (SAC) or Bizsafe Star 
    (ii)  ISO 14001 or Green Policy
    (iii) Appointment letter for SGSecure Representative
  5. Attendance Certificate (Photocopy) for any of the SCAL Organised Seminar/Workshop/Courses
  6. Tradehead registration fee - Amount payable can be found on the renewal application form (refer to item 1). KIndly make the payment via options in the link HERE - PayNow or Bank Transfer. Please save the payment proof in the format "yourcompany name_slotsrenewal" and attach it together with the rest of the items above for a complete application.
Applicant may be requested by SCAL to produce further supporting documents and this is to be produced within 7 working days, failing which the application will be rejected and considered unsuccessful.
SCAL will notify each applicant on the outcome of the application as soon as the case has been processed.  Upon compliance with all the Terms and Conditions of Registration, and the successful completion of the Safety Assessment, the applicant will be issued with a Certificate of Registration, which shall state the head, and trade of registration allocated to the applicant.