The Singapore Construction Mediation Centre Pte Ltd (SCMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Singapore Contractors Association Limited 
to encourage mediation as the preferred dispute resolution process in the settlement of construction disputes to eliminate lengthy and costly court proceedings.

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Vision: To be the Mediation Centre of Choice for amicable dispute resolution of the construction industry.

Mission: To foster a conciliatory environment in the construction industry through the provision of mediation for amicable settlement of disputes.

Qualified Assessment Programme (QAP) Accredited

SCMC is accredited as a Qualified Assessment Programme (QAP) by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). As a QAP, SCMC is also recognised as a SIMI Registered Service Provider (SIMI RSP) and runs SIMI Registered Training Programs (SIMI RTPs). 

Capabilities of SCMC:

1) Conduct mediation training and assessment that can lead to SIMI Accredited Mediator Level 1
2) Assess and submit name to become a SIMI Certified Mediator
3) Submit names for any tier under the SIMI Credentialing Scheme


How SCMC Can Help You


SCMC offers SCAL members an unbiased, effective and cost-efficient channel for disputes settlement while maintaining cordial relationships with their business partners. For more information about SCMC mediation, please refer to "Important Documents To Note" below.

SCMC offers Mediation Skills Assessment and two mediators training courses: Introduction to Mediation (Module 1) and Mediation Accreditation (Module 2). These are conducted through SCAL Academy. For more information about the courses and Mediation Skills Assessment, please visit SCAL Academy’s website here.

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Important Documents To Note

Access these documents for more information on SCMC.

SCMC Mediation Procedure  
Mediation Fee Schedule   
Appendix A: SCMC Request for Mediation Form   Read more >   
Appendix B: SCMC Mediation Agreement  
Appendix C: SCMC Mediators’ Code of Conduct  



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